What ALL trainers need are interactive techniques
that are completely turn-key

That can be easily customized. 
That make participants think, react, move, or talk. 
That are short and easily integrated into existing curriculum. 
And that are actually FUN. 

Because every trainer knows, if they’re laughing...they’re learning.

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Are you ready NOW to jump right to being more interactive with Extreme® Trainings Techniques?

Get access to turn-key interactive techniques with:

  • full facilitator scripts

  • customizable PowerPoint decks

  • in-class live demo videos

  • step by step how-to videos/pdfs

  • quarterly support webinars

Too often curriculum is great but most of class time is spent lecturing.

  • Is your training topic the opposite of engaging?

  • Are you struggling to do gamification without an app?

  • Is your training fun meter set too low?

  • Are you worried participants think your training classes are boring?

  • Has your training director asked you to be more interactive?

  • Are your evaluations lower than you want them to be?

  • Have you ever created a buzz with your training?

The training reality is that no matter your presentation skill, topic expertise, or personality... ALL TRAINERS NEED TO BE MORE INTERACTIVE.

As a trainer you sometimes see comments like these in your evals.

The solution appears simple. Just do more interactive techniques.

But the problem is that getting ACCESS to interactive techniques has been an ongoing training industry issue for years. What’s been so frustrating for trainers is that you have had just two choices...read a book or train-the-trainer. UNTIL NOW.

Choice #1: Read a book

Books have great ideas. But they don't give you a facilitator script, create your slides, or show you a live demo. So, your confidence level for delivery is low.

Choice #2: Train-the-Trainer

TTT is expensive. No customizations allowed. You have to buy materials every time you want to be interactive. And no way can you use your logo.

CHOICE #3: Turn-key interactive techniques

Extreme® Trainings was created so entire departments of trainers, training companies, and independent trainers can confidently deliver highly interactive customized training techniques. 


1. Fact or Crap™ 

A fun, physical, stand-up and sit-down all-participant trivia elimination competition. 

2. Attribute Scavenger Hunt™
A table-based networking competition that features multiple unexpected shared attributes.

3. Teambuilding Would You Rather™
An all-class “shout out” technique that reveals insights from having to make funny hard choices.

4. Fluffy Fluffy Deep™
A fast and effective way to make anyone (leader or class participant) instantly engaging.

5. Speed Interviewing™
A fast and high energy networking technique that gets everyone discussing key class ideas.

6. What's Your _____ IQ?™
A customized and compelling multiple choice, true or false, and fill in the blank trivia game.

7. Flag Poll™
Participant polling in a unique, physical, semi-anonymous, and memorable way. 

8. Hot Table Topics™
A brainstorming-ideas-at-your-tables technique that participants will actually LIKE.

9. Yes, No, Maybe™
A highly entertaining 2-minute interviewing technique for individuals or the entire class.

10. Volunteer Ball 
A surprising, fun, and proven way to pick volunteers for role plays and exercises.

Everything your training department or you need is included

With Extreme® Trainings Techniques you never have to guess how it all works. 

In the suite of 10 turn-key techniques, you get facilitator scripts, downloadable PowerPoint decks, detailed overview videos, in-class live demo videos, how-to videos/PDFs, and quarterly support webinars. 

Scripts and slides can be customized for your specific training class topic and with your organization’s logo or department’s logo. 

Extreme® Trainings Techniques benefit your organization and your training customers

  • Builds respect among training participants 

  • Increases curriculum effectiveness and compliance

  • Gives a better return on your training investment

  • Contributes to a more engaging cultural impact

  • Creates a "buzz factor" with employees talking up their training experience.

You get access to solutions developed by a master presenter

Brian Walter is a trainer, Hall of Fame professional speaker, humorist, multimedia producer, and communications consultant. Early in his career, he searched for turn-key interactive techniques that could be customized. But they didn’t exist. So, he went out and created them.  

Over the last 25 years and with his company Extreme Meetings®, Brian has been perfecting interactive techniques in training classes and conferences all over the country. He has developed a reputation and brand as an exceedingly interactive trainer and speaker. But the secret is... it’s the techniques.

That’s why the heads of training departments, corporate trainers, and independent trainers and speakers have for years been asking if they could license these proven Extreme Meetings® techniques WITH all of the scripts and production assets that go with them. The answer has been no...until now.

Watch Intro Video


Ready to be an Extreme® Trainer?

With Extreme® Trainings Techniques you will know exactly how to make your training more interactive.

  • By following detailed step-by-step instructions, you’ll have confidence the first time you facilitate a new technique

  • Your current training classes can be updated with simple 5 and 10-minute techniques

  • Two different games will provide you with a safe way for your attendees to discover they don’t know as much about a topic as they think they do

  • You’ll learn the secret facilitator trick to always know the answer to true or false questions

  • Getting volunteers will no longer be stressful for you or participants

  • Participants will actually tell THEIR bosses that your class was amazing

  • You’ll know exactly how to handle an executive who “pops in” to your training class and wants to do something without any preparation

  • You will have sophisticated PowerPoint training slides that you can customize

What Our Clients Are Saying...

Colin Bryar

VP, IMDb.com, Amazon.com

“You instantly got 1,500 employees engaged.”

James Greathouse

Communications Manager, Starbucks

“An incredible hit!”

Shelli Messmer

Training Manager, Costco

“Brian is a creative genius.”

Kelley Haslun

Senior Manager, HR Communications, PepsiCo

“Rave reviews from beginning to end!”

Mary Kuhn

VP of Marketing, AAA

“Miraculously talented ideas.”

Liz Evans

District Manager, Association of General Contractors

“AGC loves Brian Walter!”

Dee Barham

Territory Manager, IRS

“We’d highly recommend Brian Walter!”

Fabian Månsson

President & CEO, Eddie Bauer

“Fresh, exciting, memorable.”

Ann Young

United Way

“We continue to quote you.”

Frequently Asked Questions

  • “The in-class live demo videos show you (Brian) being very funny. If I’m NOT all that funny of a trainer will the techniques still work as well?”

    Yes...because the structure of the techniques is itself funny. For example, when you facilitate Flag Poll everyone will laugh the moment they start waiving their flags. It doesn’t matter if you say the question in a funny way or not. And in Would You Rather...the two extreme choices themselves are funny simply by you reading them out loud. Don’t worry, you WILL get laughs while they learn.

  • “Our Marketing department is extremely rigid. Can I make the Extreme® Trainings Techniques PowerPoint decks align with our brand standards?”

    You can modify the color palette to match your company colors, insert your logo, and change the font to match your brand guidelines. You also have the option to retain Extreme® Trainings to fully customize the colors for your company.

  • “I’m an independent speaker, not really a trainer. Can I still license these interactive techniques and use them for meetings and conferences with my external clients?"


  • “How do I actually access the techniques and materials?”

    Once you enroll with Extreme® Trainings, you will have 24/7 access on any device to all of the scripts, PowerPoint decks, demo videos, and step by step how-to videos/pdfs. This makes it convenient for you to learn and try out the techniques at your own pace.

  • “While I really like the idea of the Flag Poll technique, there’s no way I’m going to get approved to buy sets of flags for all the people in my monthly orientation classes. Are there any other options for this?"

    Definitely. We have a demo video and instructions on how you can use colored index cards instead of flags. They work JUST as well. Really! Participants SEE the flag image on the screen so that’s in their minds. And as long as you REFER to the cards as flags, everyone will act as if they ARE flags...and wave them like crazy! You CAN get great interaction with humble index cards.

Organizations whose training departments use Extreme® Trainings Techniques can achieve...

  • Higher employee engagement

  • Reduced turnover (nearly 25% of employees leave because of inadequate training)

  • Boosted training department reputation (the buzz factor)

  • Faster buy-in to process and skill improvement

  • Greater training ROI because of increased impact

Are you ready to be more interactive with Extreme® Trainings Techniques?