TRAINING COMPANY license details

Extreme® Trainings was created so all trainers in your training company can confidently deliver new unique highly interactive techniques with your external training services clients. 

That confidence will come by being fully equipped and coached on every step, from preparation through customization through delivery. This is what turn-key means for you and your training company trainers.

Included in the Extreme® Trainings Techniques OnDemand Independent Trainer license package:

  • 10 new unique interactive training techniques, plus two bonus variations

  • Fully customizable PowerPoint decks in multiple template colors for each technique, many with embedded audio and video clips

  • A facilitator PDF script for each technique

  • A detailed Overview video/PDF for each technique

  • An in-class live demo video (in real time) for each technique

  • Multiple step by step how-to videos/PDFs for each technique

  • Quarterly user group Zoom calls with master presenter Brian Walter, CSP, CPAE

  • Email question support

  • Membership in the Extreme Trainings closed facilitated Facebook users group

  • Bonus interactive techniques added each calendar year


Extreme® Trainings techniques are provided via subscription at a fixed annual license rate, based on the number of trainers in your company. The techniques and materials are licensed for your use with all your external training services clients that are facilitated by registered trainers.

Every registered trainer in your company has access to all techniques, materials, email support, and bonuses. All trainers receive their own login credentials. If a trainer leaves your company and a new one is hired, the new trainer can take over the trainer’s “slot” at no additional cost throughout the license period. 

Your Extreme® Trainings annual license fee is based on the self-reported number of trainers within your multi-trainer company.

# of Trainers    Annual Fee

       1-4                    $3,500

       5-10                  $5,500

       11+                   custom*

TRAINING COMPANY license terms

As an Extreme® Trainings customer, you agree to the terms of use, and contract for a three-year annual license. One year is paid upon sign up, with automatic renewals at 12 and 24 months. 

After three years, you can renew for another three years at the same rate to continue to license all original and bonus techniques you have been using. You also have the option to renew for another three years at an incrementally higher rate (communicated in advance) to gain access to completely new additional sets of interactive techniques and support materials. 

Training Company licenses may be paid by credit card (Stripe or PayPal), ACH transfer, or check.

NOTE: Training Company license customers may opt out of the license agreement at one year if they are not 100% satisfied. Registered trainers remain members of the closed online support community throughout the license period.

*For questions or to inquire about large Training Company custom pricing contact Karen Walter at or 425-698-1294.